Friday, June 06, 2008


I'm almost done. All the exams are now behind, I just need to wait for the results for my thesis and for my last exam. The thesis evaluation is a bit late, I already returned it a month ago! And I need all the grades so that I can compose my courses and I need to compose my courses to get my degree out.

We're moving to Kuopio next Tuesday and I'm excited! We're almost packed up, major things are already in boxes and bags. We also have the car and some friends to help us.

We had one friends farewell party yesterday, she's leaving back to Germany. We're also having our farewell party tomorrow. I should do some laundry and clean our balcony. And pack the things in there and then pack our linens. But this just feels like a slow morning.

But now I need to get up from this chair and start doing!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Week and two days

Long time no see. Still I'm not in the mood to write all the new things that has happened. But I feel like writing a bit.

I'll have my last exam in nine days. I still have 400 pages to read though... I also should write a report of my internship and look at the results. But I'm not in the mood for that. So I'll just be lazy today. Just washing some laundry, that's all.

I bought PS3 (!!!) and will play that today :> Though Tarmo is playing now, my turn comes later. I've been playing it more than he, so it's his turn :) I also bought a sewing machine but it has some problems so I can't sew anything. Have to wait for a friend to look at it tomorrow. But that's okay, I'm not in the mood for sewing much either...

But now I need to go to do some laundry. Just wanted to say hi, I'm still here...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Month

Moan moan moan. Excited. Moan moan moan.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Plans

Eastern was peaceful, nice and needed holiday. On Saturday we visited my parents as my Mom turned 60. We got loads of food with us and ate a lot. We also went for walking too so I wasn't just being lazy, though I did almost nothing for my Thesis. Yesterday I broke my back when we went to play kids, i.e. went to slide down. And there was a huge space where to slide and we managed to find the only ice cube and bumbed to it. And now my back muscles ache.

I also had to redo my plans. As I can't read for the exam I was supposed to have in three weeks (the book hasn't arrived yet), I need to write my thesis and start reading next week and do the exam three weeks later that I was supposed to do it. At the same time I'm having a seminar (luckily it's only for two weeks) and I need to read for other exam too as I'm doing the internship at the same time I should read for the exam. An instead of six weeks I'll have only three weeks time to read for that if I don't start earlier. So, so much of my relaxing Spring.

But it's okay. I just want to graduate. In June. Please.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boring Everyday

Still there's nothing much else in my life than Tarmo, kitties and The Thesis. Oh yeah, and taekwondo and gym. And all of those are in order :)

I still have deficiency of Tarmo and I love spending my time with him. I seek the warmth of his hugs all the time and I spend a lot just having company of him. I play with our kitties and build nests to them (see the cat blog I made, though it's in Finnish, but you can at least see the pics ^^), go to the gym, and love taekwondo more and more every time. I even won a challenge in there! Though no-one knew that there was a competition going on but even still, I WON! HA! It felt so good :) I've learned something! The point was that I made "the most pure" movements. I did mistakes, noticed a lot of them and corrected my moves and even got corrected by our teacher. But as they said, I concentrated a lot and my moves were in balance. And I really did concentrate, I was short of breath and sweaty after the poomsae, even though it really isn't that hard :D

I did nothing last week and this week I got half of my Thesis back from the first correction round, been doing that and been fixing some things for the internship I'm doing in May. And that's that. I've played role playing games too (once, finally).

And honestly, that's my life.

I've been missing a bit Iowa City. When I see pictures of familiar streets and people, I miss them. I miss especially the summer time there. Everything was new and exciting, I didn't miss Tarmo so badly and things were better than later (I mean the death, water damage etc). I partied and went to all events and didn't worry about school. But all fun ends in good time. But I MISS YOU GUYS! <3

I hope to get the corrections done by Eastern Holidays so that I can read and relax. Then I need to read for one exam, then I write The Thesis (and try to finish it), go to the seminar, do the internship and at the same time read for the final exam. And that's it.

I want to move! I dream of the bigger apartment (I hope so much that we get the student apartment!) and decorating it. I already found the first thing I'm going to buy when I get my first pay check:

I love it! And I know our kitties will love it too ^^ Me wanna!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Doll:

People don't worry. I'm quite happy with myself, I just need some irony once in a while :) I still think there's something to loose but if it doesn't leave with this excercise I'm doing, then it's supposed to be there. I'm woman with some curves :>

(And those who know me should imagine the tone I'm saying this phrase
I'm not perfect
;) )

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Doll

I just did something horrible. I edited myself. I could have so nica body if I wasn't shaped like this and if I was thin :P And if my face would be shaped in a different way, I could be beautiful. Too bad that most of the editing I did to myself, there's nothing I really can do to change those features. I have already lost aroung 5 kg since I came back and all there is left now is to firm up my body. And I can say I'm doing good job in trying to do so.
Here's one edit:

Quite obvious what I have done. If you can't see those, compare my jawline, forehead, shoulder, nose, lips and eyes. Well. That was alomost there is in this pic :D

Just had to share this horrifying truth. I'm not perfect.

Been through a very stressful course which is now over and done some pages for my thesis. Trying to read some more articles. Been in gym, weight has stuck in the same though during weekends I almost always gain one kilogram. And that's because I allow some goods for myself which aren't allowed during the week (candy and chips) and I don't do any exercise. But I always lose that kilogram in the week... I'm starting to have by abs back in shape too and that makes me really happy. Still should get my arms thinner... But I'm doing pretty good progress in there too. I don't want impossible things and I know my limits. I also won't ever give up food, chips or candy 'cause I love eating and food! :P

Well. That's quite all what there is. I love taekwondo and I almost can do the first poomse right.